This year's C'est Right Short is borrowing Festival Mosaïq's theme and celebrating the many cultures of the world and in our community.

C'est Right Short is made up of three activities: Film and video training workshops, short film screenings and film creation projets. And it's all free!

C'est Right Short presents two days of filmmaking workshops

An introduction to filmmaking : Writing, directing and producing your own!
August 25 from 1 pm to 6 pm at Music New Brunswick (3rd floor, Aberdeen Cultural Centre)
with Danny Thebeau

12pm-1pm: Come to Bernard LeBlanc Hall (3rd floor, Aberdeen Cultural Centre) for free coffee and donuts. It's a great way to meet people and talk about the day to come!
1pm-6pm: Workshops in Music New Brunswick's offices (adjacent to the Hall).
6pm-7pm : Meet up in the Hall for free pizza and drinks. We'll be having a talk with the teachers about their workshops and their respective occupations.

This broad-scoped workshop is ideal for new independent filmmakers.

The workshop will cover all the basics for prepping for film productions, with particular attention to writing, directing and producing. What are potential production issues in a script? What should you ask during casting sessions? Should you rehearse? What happens when things go wrong (and they will go wrong)? This workshop is especially useful for those who are interested in writing, producing and directing their own material.

A graduate of the Canadian Screen Training Centre in directing, Danny also obtained an NBFC Film and Television Certificate. He has received a Short Film Venture grant, CBC 321 award, and IndieCan10K award.  He has written and directed several award-winning short comedies and dramas.

His project “Délivrance" was acquired by CBC Television and Société Radio-Canada Acadie. “The Bannisters” was produced with the support of CBC/NBFC, and “Owl River Runners”, an NB feature film produced for IndieCan Entertainment is currently under world wide distribution now.  A stage and film actor, and director, Danny reconciles the actor and director needs for those who are looking to act for film.

An introduction to the technical world of filmmaking : Cameras, lights and action!
August 26 from 1 pm to 6 pm at Music New Brunswick (3rd floor, Aberdeen Cultural Centre)
with Dean Aubie

The workshop covers mostly the technical aspect of filmmaking.  What is the cinematographers role on set, mood in film, composition, direction of camera, direction of subjects, control camera movement, knowledge of camera lenses, control depth of field, creative use of natural light, creative use of artificial light, techniques for quick setup and budget saving. pre-production planning, post-production color and image correction.

20 years ago, Dean start his artistic journey as an amateur photographer, then soon took film at the University of New Brunswick. That led to his career in film as a writer, director, editor, cinematographer and producer.Now he runs the small production company Redfilms which continues to excel and grow more each year. Redfilms produces tv pilots, music videos, promo videos, and commercials. Dean also had the honour of shooting and editing the award-winning feature film Wendy and Wanda.

Following an intensive editing workshop  film creation project for mid-level creaors (dates to be announced), recipients of the workshop will be tasked with creating films using footage shot during Festival Mosaïq's latest editions.

Three short film screening nights, including outdoor screenings.

August 3rd - Parc des Arts du Sommet Arts Park
Corner of Saint-George and Botsford, Moncton

Wapikoni mobile screening: The travelling cinema presents a series of Indigenous short films.


KUPANISHKUEU, Mélodie Jourdain-Michel
KUUJJUAQ, Sammy Gadbois
LES NOMADES, Kateri-Jade Lalo
THE PHOTOGRAPHER, Damien G. Haineault
MACROCOSMIC, Craig Commanda
HEAD'S UP, Abraham Cote
BATAILLES, Karen Pinette Fontaine
YA'MA'TETHA (HUNTER), Cameron Kootenay & Daryl Kootenay
MAIKENISS (BÉBÉ LOUP), Maikeniss Fontaine
MEGWETCH KIYASHK (MERCI LES MOUETTES), Jolene Chartrand & Austin Delaronde
MITSHISHUSS (PETIT AIGLE), Christopher Grégoire-Gabriel
WAMIN (LA POMME), Katherine Néquado

August 21st - Aberdeen Cultural Center - Les Brumes du coude (Patio)
140 Botsford, (main floor), Moncton

An evening of short films programmed by les Séries FICFA and Festival Regard's annual tour.

Featuring :

HORN, Ghasideh Golmakani (Iran) - Trailer
SCAFFOLD, Kazik Radwanski (Canada)
BONFIRES, Martin Bureau (Canada) - Excerpt
THE PRESIDENT'S VISIT, Cyril Aris (Lebanon, United States, Qatar) - Trailer
PIOVE, Ciro d’Emilio (Italy) - Trailer
NEWBORN, Ray Savaya (Canada) - Teaser
MIN BÖRDA, Niki Lindroth von Bahr (Sweden) - Trailer
MY IRNIK, François Lebeau & Matthew Hood (Canada) - Trailer

August 25th - Aberdeen Cultural Center - Salle Bernard LeBlanc (3rd floor)
140 Botsford (3rd floor), Moncton

Two blocs of short films programmed by les Séries FICFA and la Tournée REGARD.

Featuring :

BLOC 1, 8 pm
MADRE, Rodrigo Sorogoyen (Spain) - Trailer
MARIA JA 7 POIALPOISSI, Riho Unt (Estonia)
RUPTURE, Yassmina Karajah (Canada) - Trailer
KATTO, Teppo Airaksinen (Finland) - Trailer

BLOC 2, 9:30 pm
COMMODITY CITY, Jessica Kingdon (United States, China) - Clip
COUNTERFEIT KUNKOO, Reema Sengupta (India) - Trailer
FACING MECCA, Jan-Eric Mack (Switzerland) - Trailer
KUKISTA JA MEHILÄISISTÄ, Janne J. Vanhanen (Finland) -Trailer

And everything is FREE. Not bad!

C'est Right Short, Mosaïq edition, is presented thanks to the support of Canadian Heritage, Telefilm Canada, Downtown Moncton Centre-ville Inc, New Brunswick Filmmakers' Co-operative, Festival Inspire, Wapikoni, Festival Regard, Scow and les Séries FICFA.